You Can’t Handle the Truth



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New Logo Design

Thanks to Sandi at Van Pelt’s Business Solutions for helping us put together a new, not yet official, logo design for Centre Street. This is part of our new push to increase visibility in the city of St Thomas. Often when I mention that I am the pastor at Centre Street, people ask “which one is that?” When I say downtown, on Southwick St, just South of Talbot, people say “The green steeple or the purple steeple?”. Church steeples have always been meant to make that particular church easy to find. Our beautiful steeple, with the “bat” at the top (it’s a dove, but we’ve been asked why we have a bat there, and have been called the “bat church”, though not because bats occassionally find a way in- which does happen in old buildings like ours). Our building has stood in the central part of town since 1879, and our steeple is visible from quite a distance. The original steeple was burned after being hit by lightning, but was quickly rebuilt. This new logo captures our desire to make ourselves known, to demonstrate to the city who we are, and more importantly to fulfill our mission to share God’s love and the Good News.

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What Has He Done for You Lately?



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What Shall We Say Then About Abraham?

*The introduction of the sermon was not recorded, sadly. Where the recording begins is with some crowd sourcing done through Twitter, in which I asked people to summarize Romans in a single tweet, in order to show how Romans is complicated and we have to see the big picture of Paul’s purpose in order to understand why ch. 4 is so important.*



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A Living Hope



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Who We Are and What We Will Be

*Unfortunately, the audio begins a few minutes into the sermon, so the introduction is missing.*


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The Road to Emmaus



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