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Why I Am (Still) a Baptist

We believe… in one holy, catholic, and apostolic church. (The Nicene-Constantinopolitan Creed, 381 AD) In my undergrad I took a course on the intellectual history of Europe in the Post French Revolution era. Our major assignment was a biographical paper on an influential thinker… Continue Reading “Why I Am (Still) a Baptist”

Why I Am Not a Fan of Penal Substitution

Atonement theories are a hot topic for debate. In some circles a particular view of the atonement is a shiboleth for orthodoxy. In a few extreme cases, a particular view of atonement has become conflated with the Gospel itself (to understand the difference between atonement and… Continue Reading “Why I Am Not a Fan of Penal Substitution”

Why I Am an Egalitarian

I am (among other things, obviously) an egalitarian. Simpy defined, this means I believe in the equality of genders, not just in terms of dignity, but in terms of the opportunities to use their gifts, and express their faithfulness within the family and the… Continue Reading “Why I Am an Egalitarian”

What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks?!? Pt. 19: Why I Am a Conditionalist

In 2012 I began a journey. A scary and messed up journey. I was shoved into thinking more deeply about the doctrine of hell (at the time I was more of an agnostic on this front). On several occasions I put the task on… Continue Reading “What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks?!? Pt. 19: Why I Am a Conditionalist”