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Karl Barth on Baptism

I was surprised to find out yesterday that the Swiss theologian Karl Barth, in spite of his participation in the Reformed Church tradition rejected paedobaptism.  Here’s one interesting quote: Baptism without the willingness and readiness of the baptized is true, effectual and effective baptism,… Continue Reading “Karl Barth on Baptism”


One of my long standing areas of interests is Eastern Orthodoxy.  Sparked many moons ago in a course at Redeemer University College, I have continued in fascination for these many years.  I was thrilled while at McMaster Divinity College we were given the assignment… Continue Reading “Orthodoxy”

Bent or broken?

I sat in on a bible study yesterday which was working through Genesis 3, and I began thinking about some deeply held theological beliefs which stream largely from this passage, but sometimes bother me.  Whether people believe in the historical veracity of the events… Continue Reading “Bent or broken?”