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A (Sort of) Book Review: Prototype

Jonathan Martin. Prototype: What Happens When Discover You’re More Like Jesus Than You Think? Tyndale Momentum, 2013. Pastors don’t usually get to sit and listen to sermons on Sundays. I can’t speak for all pastors, but I miss being able to sit and hear someone else… Continue Reading “A (Sort of) Book Review: Prototype”

Murder in the Fifth

I love the oddities in the Bible; weird trivia, story-telling connections, stylistic weirdness. In my studies, one of the areas which took up most of my time and attention was Old Testament narratives, particularly in Genesis, Judges, Ruth, 1-2 Samuel (1 Samuel in particular… Continue Reading “Murder in the Fifth”

Canon within the Canon?: Thoughts on Reading the Bible Better

We all have certain portions of Scripture we focus on more than others. We know that, right? I’m not being presumptious in saying we’re aware of the fact we do this? I hope not. I hope we all recognize that we do it. We… Continue Reading “Canon within the Canon?: Thoughts on Reading the Bible Better”

Scot McKnight, “Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?”

If you enjoy this, or just want to get more insight, Scot McKnight’s book The King Jesus Gospel expounds this discussion further.

Merry Christmas

Today, our Eastern Orthodox brethren celebrate the Feast of the Nativity. Our prayers are with those that celebrate that they may be blessed. Today Christ is born of the Virgin in Bethlehem. Today He who knows no beginning now begins to be, and the… Continue Reading “Merry Christmas”

Christmas Listening

I usually have a rule in my home- Christmas music, decorations, etc. don’t happen until December 1st. Well, I broke that rule a bit- it’s December 2nd, the lights are up, the tree is getting decorated tonight, and the most played album this week… Continue Reading “Christmas Listening”


One of my long standing areas of interests is Eastern Orthodoxy.  Sparked many moons ago in a course at Redeemer University College, I have continued in fascination for these many years.  I was thrilled while at McMaster Divinity College we were given the assignment… Continue Reading “Orthodoxy”