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Sunday, February 23rd, 2020.   Sources: Joseph Blenkinsopp. Isaiah 40-55 (AB). New Haven: Yale, 2000. John Goldingay. Isaiah (UBCS). Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2001. Richard B. Hays. Echoes of Scripture in the Gospels. Waco: Baylor, 2016. J. Alec Motyer. The Prophecy of  Isaiah: An Introduction & Commentary. … Continue reading

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Fall Sermon Series

The Pastoral Epistles (1 & 2 Timothy and Titus) have not featured much in my preaching. I can’t say specifically why. Perhaps it’s because of the difficult issues with critical scholarship, alleged pseudonymity (i.e., much of scholarship in the late … Continue reading

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Book Review: Of Seeds and the People of God

Michael P. Knowles. Of Seeds and the People of God: Preaching as Parable, Crucifixion, and Testimony. Eugene: Cascade, 2015.* Michael Knowles, a professor of mine at McMaster Divinity College, previously wrote a masterful book on Paul’s theology of preaching (We … Continue reading

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Book Review: Excellent Preaching

Craig Bartholomew. Excellent Preaching: Proclaiming the Gospel in its Context & Ours. Bellingham: Lexham Press, 2015.* Preaching well is a goal of every Pastor. But what does excellent preaching look like, what does it do, and how do we do … Continue reading

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Announcing our Upcoming Preaching Series

Starting Sunday, September 8th we will be taking a walk through Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. This letter covers a vast array of themes and contains some of the most well known “memory verses” of Paul’s letters. But do those … Continue reading

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A Gospel Community (A Sermon, loosely based on John 1:1-18)

I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is that unlike last week, there is an actual sermon this week. You only get off that easy on rare occasions. The good news is that this week … Continue reading

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A Giving Community (A Sermon on Mark 12:41-44)

There is a sermon that every preacher hates preaching, and every congregation hates hearing. Well, friends, this is that sermon. Yes, today is the always hated money sermon. This is week three of our series, “who are you, and what … Continue reading

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