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A (Sort of) Book Review: Prototype

Jonathan Martin. Prototype: What Happens When Discover You’re More Like Jesus Than You Think? Tyndale Momentum, 2013. Pastors don’t usually get to sit and listen to sermons on Sundays. I can’t speak for all pastors, but I miss being able to sit and hear someone else… Continue Reading “A (Sort of) Book Review: Prototype”

Jesus: “An Unexpected Messiah”

Sunday, April 13th (Palm Sunday) 2014. Jesus: “An Unexpected Messiah”. Pastor Emeritus Rev. Dorman Quinton Preaching on Mark 11:1-17.

Chiasm in the Book of Revelation?

Darrell W. Johnson, (Discipleship on the Edge: An Expository Journey Through the Book of Revelation. Vancouver: Regent College Pub., 2004) proposes a chiastic structure (in this case an ABCBA) of the Book of Revelation (see his Appendix B, p. 391ff). He notes the bracketing… Continue Reading “Chiasm in the Book of Revelation?”

Bite Your Tongue: Gossip, Lies, and Other Stuff Christians Never Do

Christians are pretty good at sinning. Sometimes it seems we are as good as everyone else at getting ourselves in trouble. But there’s this one thing which we really excel at. There’s this one sin (or group of sins) that for one reason or… Continue Reading “Bite Your Tongue: Gossip, Lies, and Other Stuff Christians Never Do”

N.T. Wright defines “the Gospel”