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“Do this in Remembrance”: An Invite to the Table

Before the actual post begins, I need to give thanks for the great help which I received on this from Joel Burdeaux (Pastor of New Life Community Church in Farmington, Maine) and Alastair Roberts (a student in Durham, England). These two fine (and well-bearded)… Continue Reading ““Do this in Remembrance”: An Invite to the Table”

Chiasm in the Book of Revelation?

Darrell W. Johnson, (Discipleship on the Edge: An Expository Journey Through the Book of Revelation. Vancouver: Regent College Pub., 2004) proposes a chiastic structure (in this case an ABCBA) of the Book of Revelation (see his Appendix B, p. 391ff). He notes the bracketing… Continue Reading “Chiasm in the Book of Revelation?”

A (sort of) Book Review: “Jesus Have I Loved, But Paul?”

I just recently picked up J.R. Daniel Kirk’s Jesus Have I Loved, but Paul?” A Narrative Approach to the Problem of Pauline Christianity. (Grand Rapids: Baker Academic, 2011). Given my usual reading habits, I usually require a long time to get through a book, as… Continue Reading “A (sort of) Book Review: “Jesus Have I Loved, But Paul?””

Scot McKnight on Atonement

This video is worth a watch. It’s a tad lengthy, but hang in there, it’s a very good run down of the tensions in penal substitution. This comes from What did Jesus do?: the Atonement Symposium. See more videos from that symposium here.

Scot McKnight, “Did Jesus Preach the Gospel?”

If you enjoy this, or just want to get more insight, Scot McKnight’s book The King Jesus Gospel expounds this discussion further.

N.T. Wright defines “the Gospel”