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Ask Pastor Graham, Vol. 4

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“I Appeal to You on the Basis of Love”: Authority, Slavery, Love, and Advocacy

Sunday, July 24th, 2016. “I Appeal to You on the Basis of Love”: Authority, Slavery, Love, and Advocacy” (Philemon 8-11)   Sources: F.F. Bruce. The Epistles to the Colossians, to Philemon, and to the Ephesians (NICNT). Grand Rapids: Eerdmans, 1984. James D.G. … Continue reading

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Why is the Song of Songs in the Bible?

Sunday, April 10th, 2016. “Why is the Song of Songs in the Bible and What is its Relevance for Today?”   Sources: Richard Beaton. “Song of Songs 3: History of Interpretation”. Dictionary of the Old Testament Wisdom, Poetry & Writings. Tremper … Continue reading

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A (Sort of) Book Review: Man Enough

Nate Pyle. Man Enough: How Jesus Redefines Manhood. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2015.* Social media can be a very effective and helpful thing. It has its dark side of course, but it has also been at times a real blessing by allowing … Continue reading

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Why I Am an Egalitarian

I am (among other things, obviously) an egalitarian. Simpy defined, this means I believe in the equality of genders, not just in terms of dignity, but in terms of the opportunities to use their gifts, and express their faithfulness within … Continue reading

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ReImagining Church 2: Get to the Point

Sunday, January 5, 2014. “ReImagining Church 2: Get to the Point” (Ephesians 3:14-21). The audio also features a reading “Fourteen and Braced for Pain” from Ron VandenBurg, Mary Monologues, (based on the play “Song of Mary”, by John McNeil), adapted slightly and … Continue reading

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Women, the Church, Masculinity and the Rest Pt. 1: Male Lordship in the Household

So there’s a lot of blog posts showing up in response to a number of recent comments from a few Pastors (hate to name names, but Mark Driscoll and John Piper) regarding maleness, God’s supposed masculinity, and the role of … Continue reading

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“Terrible Twos”? Hard to believe

My little girl is two today (5:17 this morning). Hard to believe my baby isn’t my “baby” so much. The time has flown by. But it’s been beautiful, in spite of the dirty diapers, sleepless nights, tantrums and the rest. … Continue reading

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The best part of Christmas…

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Why the blog fell silent…

My wife and I are now proud parents of two gorgeous little girls.  Our second arrived Sunday morning (convenient, eh?- just like a pastor’s kid).  Seeing birth is astounding to me; how a woman’s can do that- my petite wife pushing a … Continue reading

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