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Recovering FROM Biblical Manhood and Womanhood: Pt. 1 Housekeeping

I have (and always have had) egalitarian views of gender. I had very little exposure to Church as a child, and when I came into the Church, it was in the context of an egalitarian congregation. The pastor was even … Continue reading

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The 5 Bad Blogging Habits I Dislike the Most

I want to address some things that bother me a lot. If you’ll indulge me here, I occasionally need to rant. I try to read a lot of blogs. Some I’ve stopped reading because of certain things which have become … Continue reading

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What the H-E-Double-Hockey-Sticks?!? Pt. 14: Scot McKnight entering the discussion?

I backed away from this series for some time. Reading up on this doctrine can actually have a considerable impact on one’s psyche. So a brief hiatus was needed. I hope you will show me some grace for not “producing”. … Continue reading

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What is the Gospel?

This question has been circling my mind for a while, and has been alluded to in a few posts- What is the Gospel? We all think we know. And yet we argue about it. We disagree vehemently about what this … Continue reading

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What the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks?!? Pt. 8: Mark Driscoll’s vision of Hell

What would a discussion of hell be without some reference to Mark Driscoll? (If you aren’t familiar with Driscoll, he’s the always controversial lead Pastor of Mars Hill Church, and a key advocate of the “New Reformed” movement of evangelicals … Continue reading

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Recommended Reading

Alastair Roberts has provided two fantastic post in response to a new video floating around which is a fantastic example of evangelical theology gone wrong. Part 1: What’s Wrong With the Evagelical GospelĀ (which includes the video itself, and a critique … Continue reading

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Cultural Savage did it, so I guess I might as well too

At the time of this post, my stats are showing the 379 people “follow” this blog by email. One would think that this would translate to some good comments on posts. But I have a grand total of 20 comments … Continue reading

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