Our Mission

Our Mission Statement: “Centre Street Baptist Church exists to provide and promote opportunities to experience and share the love of God through worship, witness, study, and service.”

Explanation: out fourfold focus was intentional designed to be easily remembered (two W words and two S words) but also to focus on the development of our people in community, and work to impact the community in which we are located. These four areas of practice are not comprehensive of what we do, but are the key elements of why we exist and how we accomplish our goals as a community.

WORSHIP:  To provide opportunities for our entire church family to experience and glorify God.

WITNESS:  To be a witness for Jesus Christ in word and deed, acknowledging and proclaiming Him as Lord and Saviour.

STUDY:  To encourage everyone to study God’s word; to provide opportunities and resources for learning, study and growth; to encourage one another in our spiritual journeys.

SERVE:  To care for the people of our Church family, our community and, our world; yo provide resources and opportunities for ministry, mission, and service.