A New Project

Centre Street Baptist Church is a part of a denominational family- Canadian Baptists of Ontario and Quebec (CBOQ). This family, along with other regional denominational families in Western Canada and Atlantic Canada, as well as the French Union, together support our mission a discipleship organization Canadian Baptist Ministries (CBM). As a part of that Canadian Baptist family, we proudly support CBM field staff through the Partners In Mission (PIM) initiative. Our partners, Michael and Melanie Waddell, are currently on home leave due to COVID, but their work in the Philippines continues, through partnerships that have been formed, and initiatives on the ground which continue to proceed in doing great work.

CBM has been hard at work developing ways for our Churches and missionaries to remain connected and for the work to continue. What that creative work has resulted in is the Hopeful Gifts project, which is not a new idea, but a new way of doing it. So, Centre Street has now signed up to be part of this initiative supporting Faith + Work initiatives in the Philippines.

What is Faith + Work doing? This project supports sustainable local business initiatives, to provide training and seed grants etc to support local communities and individuals. This is a practical way to alleviate poverty, provide financial security, and develop communities. This includes farmers and artisans needing a small boost to get ahead. This is a tangible way to positively impact the lives of others.

How you can get involved:

  1. Donate to any fundraising team member. Pick a team member, and donate online.
  2. Become a team member. On the Centre Street Faith + Work website you can click “Join Team”, and the begin engaging friends, neighbours, family, co-workers, etc. Share the link so they can donate online and track our progress on the website.
  3. Just share the link on your own social media or by email so others can see and contribute to an amazing work.

To read more about this project, join our team, make a donation, or get the link to share, visit Centre Street’s Faith + Works page. This project runs until December 31, 2020.

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