N.T. Wright, “Look At Jesus”

I love N.T. (aka “Tom”) Wright. As of late, he’s rocked my theological world in new and exciting ways. I’ve never met him in person, but something about him draws me in and makes sense of some of my tension filled reading of Scripture within the context of the Church. He’s a brilliant scholar, and yet, when you listen to him speak, there isn’t that “scholarly distance” you get from other brilliant theologians. He’s like a cool guy you could hang with at the pub or coffee shop. I could listen to him for hours. I want to hug him. There is a gentleness in his brilliance, not an intimidating chasm. I find this to be a rare quality.

Just had this video come my way via twitter, in which Tom talks about his passion for reading the gospels to get to Jesus. His true heart for Jesus is so apparent in this- he’s almost vulnerable in his tone. I love it. Hope you do too.

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