Live From Beirut pt. 3

Greetings once again from Lebanon.

Today has been an exciting day for me as a nerd, and mission-minded pastor. Today I walked through Sidon- an ancient city, where Jesus himself walked (Mark 7:24-31) and where Paul put in to port and met with fellow Christians on his voyage to Rome (Acts 27:1-3) and one tradition says Paul and Peter met here, and we did get to see the spot where the are said to have met, where there is now the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, who is patron Saint of sailors.

It has been an eventful few days to say the least, as yesterday was spent worshipping at Faith Baptist Church in greater Beirut (Brian Craig delivered the message), followed by a trip to Harissa, which is a pilgrimage spot particularly for those of the Maronite Catholic persuasion, but also for others, as Muslims also have a significant respect for Mary, who is portrayed in a giant statue there, overlooking the Bay of Jounieh.

Saturday we got the amazing experience of touring Baalbek, which in ancient times was a key centre for Baal worship, but was transformed to a place of worship for Jupiter by the Romans. The Roman ruins are among the most impressive anywhere, featuring the highest pillars anywhere in the world. Baalbek is in the Bekaa Valley, the main artery through which travellers in the Middle East would have passed, so it is likely Abraham came through this place, as did the Jews on their way to and from exile in Babylon.

Tomorrow we will spend some time at Beirut Baptist School, followed by an afternoon in Byblos. We still have several exciting events in our near future, including visiting ministries to refugees, Baptist Youth ministries, and much, much more. So please stay tuned.

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