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I’m always on the lookout for new and exciting music. This can at times be an expesive endeavour. I have a 160 GB ipod, which still has lots of space left, but I’m doing pretty good at accumulating a prolific library of tunes (30.4 GB, over 4 500 songs). Well, when the offer of free downloads comes my way, I get a tad excited. Here’s a few cool resources which may help some of you discover some intriguing new sounds:

Humble Beast Records:  Hip Hop outfit, which offers many of their recordings for free download. You can send a donation to help support what they do, or purchase hard copies of their music at a reasonable price. But these guys are phenomenal if you like hip hop. These are Christian folks who make real hip hop; the real, raw street poetry, reminiscent of the truest artists in the genre.

Come and Live: A variety of Christian artists, who provide music free of charge (donations welcomed) and raise funds through concerts, donations, merch, etc. which goes to evangelistic ministries. The artists cover a wide array of genres. Lots of options especially in the ambient rock scene, so if you like bands like Anberlin, Switchfoot and others like them, there’s lots there, as well as a few hardcore/post-hardcore stuff, and several worship bands. The top played album on my laptop is one I got here (Ascend the Hill Hymns: Take the World But Give Me Jesus).

Noisetrade: Tons of free stuff from all genres. Pretty sweet stuff available. Takes some browsing around to find new artists you might like, but worth the effort often. Some cool stuff I got there includes stuff Chadwick Stokes, All Sons & Daughters, Jars of Clay, Branches, The Civil Wars (Live at Eddie’s Attic), Craig Rigney, Foy Vance, Flogging Molly and a whole bunch more. It’s all available free, but “tips” are accepted.

All three of these sources are connected to social media, and allow for listeners to share their finds, and spread the word to support the artists. Supporting new up and coming artists is certainly a worthwhile endeavour. Check these guys out, if you’re so inclined. Support indie music.

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1 Response to Music and Stuff

  1. Diane Sager says:

    didn’t get some of the hip hop but THE CUP AND THE CRUCIFIXTION by Odd Thomas was powerful!!

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