Ever Wonder How Much Your Kids are Picking Up?

On Sunday afternoon, my toddler and I had a great afternoon together while my wife was at a baby shower. When we were in the car going to pick mom up, my daughter starting doing what I initially thought was just incoherent babble. But then it caught me that she was repeating the word over and over, almost singing it. I wasn’t quite sure… sounded like “dobbing, dobbing, dobbing…” then she said “Jeesiss” (her own specialized pronunciation of Jesus). I put it together- it was Sunday, and she’d been in Sunday school that morning, where every Sunday they take up a collection and sing:

Hear the pennies dropping
Listen while they fall
Ev’ry one for Jesus
He shall have them all

Dropping Dropping Dropping Dropping
Hear the pennies fall
Ev’ry one for Jesus
He shall have them all

Now while we are little
Pennies are our store
But when we are older,
Lord we’ll give thee more

Just to be sure, I started singing the song, and she and I sang it together. We’d do the “dropping, dropping, dropping, dropping” and then I’d take it, and sing “every one for” and paused, and she excitedly cried out “Jeesiss!” I almost cried. Good thing I didn’t as I was driving at the time. But my sweet little girl, who just turned two was singing to Jesus. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever heard.

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2 Responses to Ever Wonder How Much Your Kids are Picking Up?

  1. Chris Stire says:

    That really warms the heart doesn’t it? Restores our faith too

  2. Annie Robert says:

    I must admit that I often don’t keep up with your blogs. I’m a good studier, but a slow, wandering brained reader. As a leader in that open session, often the suggestions are we need to “keep it new” and I’ve never really caught on to that. This offeratory has actually been used since before I came to Centre Street 25 years ago, yet, from your blog, it continues to touch hearts in a cheerful manner. To the children, most of these “old” songs are “new”. Sometimes we need children to remind us just how much everything we do becomes a witness for Christ. We can dissect it all we want, but the truth will always be that the whole world hears and watches and learns from us – whether they are 2 year olds, 10 year olds, teenagers, young adults or seniors seeking some truth or new understanding of God with us. I read your blog yesterday but didn’t have time to respond, yet caught myself a couple of times during the day singing “dopping dopping dopping.” The learning is reciprocal – the joy and enthusiasm of your blog, created that same child like joy in me throughout the day. Just wanted to say thanks.

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