Cultural Savage did it, so I guess I might as well too

At the time of this post, my stats are showing the 379 people “follow” this blog by email. One would think that this would translate to some good comments on posts. But I have a grand total of 20 comments on all posts, and the daily visits numbers are low. This could be indicative of a few things.

1. My writing is so bad that those with high hopes lost interest very quickly and have not “unfollowed” yet.

2. My writing is so good that everything is so clear and iron clad that there is no room for discussion.

3. People can’t find the comments.

4. I have shy followers.

5. I am not asking enough questions or saying anything outrageous or deep yet.

6. People followed by accident.

7. People get the emails, but never bother to head over to the blog to comment.

8. Someone is using multiple emails to follow and thereby raise my stats.

Whatever the case, I’d like this be a place where people leave comments. Also, I can’t imagine who these 379 people are (let’s face it, I’m not that popular). So, if you are “following” this blog, I would appreciate knowing who you are and how you found me here in my little nook of the blog world. I’m just curious who is reading this stuff.

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5 Responses to Cultural Savage did it, so I guess I might as well too

  1. Lauren says:

    I’m not one of your 379, but I do pop over here from time to time via Twitter/FB.

  2. Chris Stire says:

    I;m definitely a follower of this blog. I enjoy your entries and comments on things.

  3. Aaron Smith says:

    I just started following your blog (after learning you read mine). Really digging it so far.

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