Vaclav Havel (right) 1936-2011

Havel, playwright, activist and president of Czechoslovakia has passed away- one of the greatest leaders of the 20th century. His leadership of the movement dubbed the Velvet Revolution brought down communism in Czechoslovakia. I remember studying him for a paper I wrote for Modern Political Theory class a few years back, and then a year later standing in Prague’s Wenceslas Square where Havel spoke at the famous rallies in November 1989 which ultimately changed the face of Eastern Europe. All the news coverage has left me yearning to go back to Prague to fully appreciate the beauty and history of that city, and once again stand in that square below the horse mounted statue of the famous Saint King (unfortunately now surrounded by souvenir shops, McDonalds and a mall). Prague, Eastern Europe and the whole world is better place because of him.

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