An Exciting New Book… If You’re a Nerd Like Me

Had great time chatting over coffee with my former classmate and now pastoral colleague, Chris Crocker, and received my copy of his new book, Rediscovering Our Roots: A History of Pioneer Baptists in Elgin County, 1816-1856. Chris’ ancestors were among the founders of one our sister congregations, New Sarum Baptist, and served as an Associate Pastor at Aylmer Baptist, so he is a beloved son of the Elgin Baptist Association. He is working on his M.A. at McMaster Divinity, studying Church History, as well as pastoring at Norwich Baptist (part of Oxford Association), and serving as a reserve chaplain with the 1st Hussars, as well as being a bee keeper (scary how much this guy is up to). So this book reflects his passions and expertise when it comes to the Elgin Baptists. As a newby here in Elgin, this book is quite exciting, getting deeper into the work our family of congregations has accomplished in our communities. I’ve started flipping through already, and it looks like a great read. We have a few copies here to sell for the reasonable price of $15. Contact the Church office if you want a copy.

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