Shock and Awe

Yesterday I had a visit at the Church from a representative of the Gideons.  The Gideons do some great work in trying to the word of God into the hands and hearts of the public.  One the things that was given to me was a DVD copy of “180” a documentary film with some… let’s say assertive tactics.  The film deals with abortion in America (a nice warm fuzzy topic, right?).  I knew before popping it on that I was in for something that might be a tad disturbing.  I don’t want to give away everything here, except that I have always had concerns when it comes to this approach to addressing tough issues in our culture.  You can stream the film in its entirety for free at  I’d love some comments on this one.  Is the approach valid?  Does it work?  Will the “convinced” interviewees truly change and remain in that walk?  What about the last section?  Should we combine the two sets of questions?
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