One week from today is hallowe’en.  This means two things- 1. Christmas stuff is now out in the stores.  Not sure why… just odd.  2. Churches will argue over whether to reject the pagan practice or open up the church as a haunted house or something like that.

Centre Street has decided that we will there for the trick or treaters.  Why?  Simply because in this day and age there aren’t occasions when the community knocks on our doors.  We spend so much time figuring out how we can build bridges from the church into our neighbourhoods, and one a year the neighbourhood comes to us.  To shut off the lights and pretend no one is home seems foolish.  This is as good an opportunity as there is to simply love our neighbours.  Not that we’ll be preaching on street corners, but for us it’s a great opportunity, as a huge number of families in our immediate neighbourhood will be walking down the street and knocking on doors looking for an act of kindness.  Outreach can sometimes be tough in many ways but it’s not rocket science- be where people are.  Make contact, when you have a chance to show love to a neighbour, JUST DO IT!

Also, an informative post here which can help with informed opinion making.

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3 Responses to Boo!

  1. Margot Thompson says:

    A great outreach opportunity that allows you to speak with both the children of the community and their parents. Show them The love, Pastor Graham!

  2. Margot, you’re the awesomest encourager I know. I miss you.

  3. Margot Thompson says:

    I miss you guys too! Big hugs to your family… 🙂 Post how the Halloween Outreach goes. I bet it’s a HUGE success!

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