Dumb Stuff

One the most difficult things I know of is to avoid the temptation to criticize Christians who say and do things that are obviously problematic.  Just surfing the blogosphere,  I stumbled into one such instance, feeling it would be so easy to blast folks who say dumb stuff like this.  I was immediately tempted to jump in, but really, why?  As if heaping on one more insult will help.  Paul tells us that Christ, “gave us the ministry of reconciliation” (2 Cor. 5:18).  Pointing out the stupidity of someone’s statement is not reconciliation unless it is done directly with the intent not to defame but to bring about repentance.  Finding Christians who say and do stupid things is easy, but what if we did so in order to correct them?  A decent, and straight-forward response to the dumb stuff in question is here, by Russell Moore of SBTS, so I’ll refrain from comment as it’s been covered.  But more importantly, I’ll suggest that any criticism of Pat Robertson should probably go first to Pat Robertson, should it not?

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