The Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

I’m sure we’ve all seen those Staples commercials, with the parents joyfully buying back to school supplies for their kids who are moping along behind them.  For most, summer is a time to kick back and enjoy life.  It’s hard to believe summer is now almost over.  For us, it’s been a very busy couple of months, moving here to St. Thomas to become part of the ministry of Centre Street and planning for the fall events and programs.  Even though summer is the “down time” for churches, here at Centre Street, there is so much being planned; BBQ, Beef Supper, workshops, new opportunities to assist frontline ministries and making new connections with other Churches in town.  Summer hasn’t been a “vacation” in the usual sense.  The building is usually quiet, and the pews aren’t as full on Sundays, and there isn’t the same pace as the rest of the year, but our brains are always working on what’s next.  It’s not a physical pace, but a mental pace sometimes that gets to me.  Equally exhausting, or perhaps even more so for me who prefers the doing to the planning.  My hope is that amidst the pace that’s about to be upped, we won’t lose sight of the whole reason for our work.  One of the best quotes I’ve come across lately is accredited to Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams; “The Church of God does not have a mission; the God of mission has a church.”  Our job is not to get lots happening, and hope God makes something of it, but instead our ministry should flow out of what God is already doing.  Right now, my job is to see what God is up to and get involved.


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