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The trendiness of hymns

Last night, like a good husband, I sat through a show I’m not a fan of… three shows actually… the Tuesday night prime time line up is pretty awful as far as I’m concerned.  But the one that’s relevant for … Continue reading

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“Flabbergasting”… is that a proper scientific term?

Came across this story today which I found weird and interesting.  Turns out we’re further from understanding/explaining the universe than we thought.  I’m sure this may cause someone, somewhere to say something confrontational and arrogant about scientists and their god … Continue reading

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New Books!! :)

Getting new books is always an exciting event for me.  My new position has meant the new opportunity for checking out a few new titles.  Yesterday I picked up Reginald W. Bibby’s Restless Gods:  The Renaissance of Religion in Canada, … Continue reading

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Explicit Content

In my last post I made reference to the band Mumford & Sons’ use of a “cuss word” in their song “Little Lion Man”.  I thought I should say more about Christians and profanity, so here’s some thoughts.  Firstly, in … Continue reading

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Stuff I Like; Mumford & Sons

Some time last year I think it was, my brother in law brought over a copy of Mumford & Sons’ album “Sigh No More” (released in 2009 in the UK, hit itunes in Feb. 2010, where they’re one of the … Continue reading

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Dumb Stuff

One the most difficult things I know of is to avoid the temptation to criticize Christians who say and do things that are obviously problematic.  Just surfing the blogosphere,  I stumbled into one such instance, feeling it would be so … Continue reading

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Bent or broken?

I sat in on a bible study yesterday which was working through Genesis 3, and I began thinking about some deeply held theological beliefs which stream largely from this package, but sometimes bother me.  Whether people believe in the historical … Continue reading

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Inspiration comes from the weirdest places…

My daughter is fast approaching that wonderful time in the journey of life; this weekend, we bought her a potty.  This really doesn’t seem like “church” talk or the subject matter for a “spiritual reflection” or whatever you want to … Continue reading

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Yesterday I was having coffee with another pastor and we were talking about forms of Church.  This pastor leads a more progressive style of Church; almost Emerging in form(still fairly conservative in doctrine).  I was challenged to express my vision … Continue reading

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Christian Canada?

Last week I picked up a copy of Mark Noll’s What Happened to Christian Canada?, a short read which examines the circumstances surrounding the trend towards secularization in Canada in the second half of the 20th century.  While it’s no … Continue reading

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